What is WordPress used for?

If you always wanted to create a blog, then you most likely heard about WordPress. This is a very popular website platform and blogging platform. It allows you to easily create a blog/site and manage it without any hassle. The thing that makes it stand out is that it was created with ease of use in mind.

Installing and using WordPress is extremely easy and convenient, and the best part is that you just have to think about the website structure, content and logos. WordPress is a complete content management system, and it will offer you all the tools you need to create your website from scratch. It’s very simple, convenient and it delivers all the tools you want in no time, all you have to do is to check it out.

But since WordPress is a CMS at its core, that does mean it can be used in a variety of things. In this article we will let you know about some of the most popular uses that people found for WordPress.


Despite being a very powerful CMS, WordPress started as a blogging platform. And a lot of people still use it solely for blog creation. The reason is simple, you can create blog posts and write them in no time. You also receive a powerful comments system and the ability to structure your blog with multiple categories.

In addition, you can make your blog feel different and unique since WordPress supports themes and plugins. You can easily customize the user experience and make things more impressive and interesting the way you want to. That delivers more convenience and the overall experience is astounding all the time due to that. As you can imagine, you can also speed up WordPress and make it faster, which is something that will help your SEO quite a bit.


WordPress can also be customized with WooCommerce and you can turn it into a complete e-commerce website. So if you do want to create your own online store online, you can easily do that with WordPress. You will, however, need a powerful security solution, integrated backup functionality and a theme too. Any possible customization will do wonders, and that’s mainly because it will set your website apart from others. It’s all about customizing and optimizing everything to bring the best value and quality that you can. And it might work well if you do it right.

Using WordPress for selling stuff online is not that hard. You will need a good online payment solution for that, and you will also have to include some plugins for stability, security and acquiring e-mail addresses, as these things will help quite a bit when you want to keep in touch with clients.

Landing pages

A lot of people and companies want to sell items, and that’s why they create landing pages. These are extremely helpful and the best part is that WordPress can easily be modified to become a powerful landing page. It has a whole lot of features for that, you can include multimedia content and at the same time you can even share discounts and modify content whenever you see fit.

WordPress also allows you to include direct purchases on the landing page, or you can just use this as a way to make people take action. Either way, you can definitely create a WordPress based landing page. Although we do recommend you to use plugins and even a theme if you can, as customization and great features like that will come in handy. So you do need to try and take that into consideration as much as you can.

Business websites

Yes, WordPress can also be great for creating business websites. In this case you do need a custom theme and that means working with a developer. Since WordPress is very secure, you can easily use it to connect with customers and share discounts, news and so on. Plus, adding any additional plugins will make the platform even better and a lot more secure too.

Included with WordPress you also have analytics, so you get to see how many visitors you have, what are they interested in the most and so on. This way you know what type of content you need to share with them and they can also interact with you via comments. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to have a blog on your WordPress website as well, as this helps you quite a bit. It allows you to share your knowledge with the audience, all while being able to gather feedback and ideas from them. And you can easily do all of that with WordPress.

Portfolio website

WordPress does an amazing job at being super easy to adapt and adjust based on your own requirements. The great thing about the platform is that you can actively use it to create your own portfolio. If you work online or just want to have an online presence, it makes a lot of sense to share your accomplishments and some of your work samples too. This way you get to have more exposure and even connect with customers that might be interested in working with you.

Plus, creating a portfolio website is easy, you just have to create a WordPress website, use a portfolio theme, customize that and then publish your samples. It’s very easy to do, which is why lots of professionals opt for sharing their work experience and samples this way.


As you can see, WordPress offers amazing opportunities and benefits. If you want to create a business or just have your own online presence, then WordPress is the right platform for you. It’s unique, powerful, convenient and it includes all the features you might need. You should consider giving it a shot, so check it out. You will have no problem adapting and adjusting WordPress to suit your needs, regardless of what type of website you want to create. Check it out today, and you will be amazed with its great features and ease of use!

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