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Best WordPress plugins for ecommerce

WordPress is an extraordinary platform that can be used for blogs and business websites. But one of its main uses is definitely e-commerce. With the right plugins you can easily transform your website into a powerhouse where you can sell items in no time. However, it’s picking the right plugins that can be a bit tricky. Here are the ones you should consider installing right away.


WooCommerce is basically the best e-commerce plugin since it has everything you need to set up a store with WordPress. You can also use it to embed products on any page, sell affiliate products, you can even take unlimited orders. It even has its own extensions and themes. That means you just have to set up the WooCommerce store and you can constantly improve it by adding new stuff.

42% of all online stores are based on WooCommerce, so it’s safe to say that this is a very powerful and extremely popular platform. Which is why we encourage you to give it a shot, as it will make selling online a lot faster and easier.


The reason why you want to install this plugin is because it allows you to replace the regular WordPress search with better features. You get to make it easier for your customers to search items. This is good if you have lots of items to sell. But even if you don’t, it still makes a lot of sense to use the plugin, as it’s very adaptable and adjustable to your own requirements. It does allow you to filter search results, not to mention it helps you find documents too, so it’s very convenient and unique.


Sometimes people will reach pages that are not available on your site anymore. So it makes a lot of sense to give this a shot, as you can create a custom 404 error page that can be used to redirect people to valid pages. Plus, this is a great plugin since it helps you become as creative as you want with redirecting people!

Broken Link Checker

The last thing you want is to try and sell an item just to find that a few of the links are broken. What we encourage you to do here is to use Broken Link Checker, as it will help you identify the broken link, notify you about the issue and then you can repair the link right away. It’s fast, convenient and it works amazingly well.

WP Performance Profiler

It’s always a good idea to speed up your blog or store, and this particular plugin helps you with that. It helps you figure out what plugins and features slow down your site. This way you can stop them quickly and solve any problems in no time.


People tend to trust a website a lot more when they see that others acquired items or services from them. And Proof enables you to show what customers purchased items, what they got and when they acquired that item in the first place. It gives a social aspect to the store, and it also shows customers that they can trust your store.


This is a great plugin because it allows people to see reviews before they buy. If you trust your product and service quality and you also want to showcase a sense of transparency with your audience, then Reviewer can help you a lot. It’s an extremely interesting, unique plugin and one that has the potential to boost your reputation and also generate more sales naturally.


SEO allows you to increase your website’s ranking in search engines. The higher the rank, the more traffic and sales you will get. With this plugin you get to figure out what can be optimized so you can achieve all those benefits. YOAST is the best SEO plugin out there and it also shows you if your site needs optimization, among others. It’s certainly worth a shot, so check it out if you want great results.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is a great plugin mainly because it allows you to improve your site’s security naturally. It’s extremely easy to use, adaptable to your own requirements and adaptable to lots of potential challenges. The best part about it is that you can easily initiate a malware scan and even use a firewall to keep you away from any potential attacks naturally.

Easy Digital Downloads

In case you want to sell digital products on your store, this is the right way to do it. This plugin automates the entire process of selling stuff online and you can enjoy it without that much of a problem. It’s convenient, powerful and it pays off quite a lot just because you can sell anything you want as long as it can be delivered digitally.


MemberPress enables you to add a membership section to your website. You can create a separate section specifically for members where you can share the best possible deals. The idea is to provide customers with the best value that you can, and with MemberPress you can totally do that. This is a great plugin because it also enhances the website security too!


Shopp is WordPress based and it makes it easy for you to create your own online store. While it’s not the most popular plugin out there, it does offer some great features like analytics, multiple pages to use, unlimited flexibility for developers and so on. You should totally consider giving it a shot.


In conclusion, WordPress can easily be used to access amazing results and benefits in no time. And with the right e-commerce plugins you can transform it into one of the most powerful platforms for selling digital or real-life products. It’s very important to figure out what type of features you need from your store, then you can easily pick a plugin to provide you with those benefits. You can easily obtain amazing results this way, it all comes down to identifying what works for you and what you need to adapt. But it will be well worth the effort in the end!

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